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Stripper Deck

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This special trick deck looks like any regular deck of cards but it is not. It is gimmicked in such a way that amazing effects can be performed with it by anyone who knows it's secret. Even though a spectator can handle the cards, shuffle them, cut them, etc. without detecting the secret working.

A card can be freely selected from the deck. The magician or any audience member can shuffle or cut the deck as many times as they want, yet the magician can always locate the chosen card or multiple cards at any moment and reveal the selection multiple ways. 

The magician can shuffle the deck and secretly move the selected card to the top or bottom of the deck - without any special skill or sleight of hand.  The trick deck makes it super easy to do.

Since the secret is almost undetectable by the audience, the Stripper Deck can even be used as a regular deck of playing cards to perform any other card trick that uses a deck of cards.

There are so many effect that can be performed with the Stripper Deck, many books have been published on the subject.

This is a genuine Bicycle® deck from the US Playing Card Company.  The popular and common back design makes the deck look and feel just like a regular deck.

Available in Red or Blue Back with written instructions.