Sponge Balls trick video demo
Sponge Balls video tutorial screen shot
four red sponge balls with hand squeezing one

Sponge Balls

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Sponge balls magically appear and disappear in the hands of the spectator. They seem to multiply, and jump into a spectator's tightly closed fist. For a huge finale, all 4 balls end up in the audience member's hand.

Ever since the creation of this classic effect in the 1920s, "Sponge Balls" has become one of the most popular close-up magic tricks in the world. For decades, professional and amateur magicians have added the Sponge Balls to their repertoire, and have developed many handlings. 

This set of Sponge Balls from Trap Door Magic includes our famous Backstage Series easy-to-learn-step-by-step video instructions.


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