Mental Touch PRO
Mental Touch PRO

Mental Touch PRO

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This special web app is a Trap Door Magic® exclusive that allows you to perform astounding mental and magic with any smart phone or mobile device.

First, the magician displays a blank screen on a smart phone and leaves it in full view.

Next, the performer shows a set of 10 symbol cards fully mixes them up. From the shuffled pack, the audience member freely selects a random card FACE DOWN. No one has seen the symbol selected by the spectator.

The magi then hands the phone to the spectator and instructs them to simply tap the blank screen on the phone while simultaneously turning over their chosen card - revealing their symbol for the first time. When they do - the blank screen mysteriously reveals the shape on their freely selected card. The symbols match perfectly.

The effect is jaw dropping as the symbol fades into view on the screen in an eerie way.

While this is an incredible prediction or mental effect, it is also incredibly easy to do.  The technology of the phone app combined with the special cards (included) do almost all of the work for you. The selection by the spectator is NOT a force. It can be repeated with different results.

The app includes the ten special symbol cards used for the random selection along with detailed video instructions on how to perform the trick and how to use the app.

The only limitation is your creativity on how to use this amazing mental magic high-tech utility.


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