Four red sponge balls

Deluxe Sponge Balls

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Goshman Magic (aka Magic by Gosh) - founded by the great Albert Goshman, has been creating the best sponge balls for over 50 years. Professional magicians use Goshman sponge products because they are almost perfectly spherical and super soft.  Their quality allows magicians to perform better sleights with this amazing staple in the world of magic.

Trap Door Magic now offers these deluxe 2" diameter set of super soft sponge balls for the serious magician.  These are slightly larger and softer than the standard sponge balls (1.5") found in the Amazing Treasure Chest of Magic.

Comes with a complete set of 4 Deluxe, Pro Level 2" Sponge Balls and access to the step-by-step video tutorial.

Very limited stock available.