Touch 52 Magic Web App 8 of hearts
Blue Deck of cards
Red deck of cards
Two decks of cards

Touch 52 Web App

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This special web app is a Trap Door Magic® exclusive that allows you to perform astounding card magic with any smart phone or mobile device.

The magician shows a picture of the back of a playing card on a phone.  The spectator then freely selects a card from a fully shuffled deck and keeps the card face down on the table. No one has looked at the chosen card yet - not the spectator or magician.

Next, the magi has the audience member simply touch the picture on the phone while turning the chosen card on the table face up for the first time. The image on the phone and the freely chosen card MATCH!  Can be repeated and will be a different outcome. No force.

Comes with access to the Web App and full step-by-step video instructions. VERY easy to do. Can even be performed with a BORROWED phone.

Also includes a special trick deck of cards to make the effects even better and easier.  And the app can also be used to perform card revelations with any normal deck of cards as well. Plus, the trick deck can also be used to perform hundreds of other card tricks on its own without the app.

The only limitation is your creativity on how to use this amazing card magic utility.

Come with a choice of RED or BLUE back trick deck.

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