Card Magic Training Kit
Magic Web App with King of Hearts
Card Magic Training Kit Box
Cards and Dice Magic Props
Hand performing ribbon spread flourish with deck of cards
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Card Magic Training Kit
Card Magic Training Kit
Card Magic Training Kit
Card Magic Training Kit

Card Magic Training Kit

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This is a professional magic course for ages 13 and up. This is not just another magic kit that was mass produced by some big manufacturer. This collection of magical effects was carefully hand-selected and assembled by a professional magician of 40+ years.

This is an actual training course about presenting astonishing card magic. It's specifically aimed at beginners aged 13 and up - but with intermediate and advanced lessons too. This course is complete with cards, props, gimmicks, utilities and video tutorials.

This package contains some of the best card magic effects every card worker should know.

- 90+ Videos Tutorials with over 15 Hours of Training

- Access to 2 Card Magic Web Apps for Any Mobile Device

- Pro Level Deck of Bicycle® Playing Cards

- All Trick Cards, Gaffs, Gimmicks, Dice, Pens, Envelopes, Labels and Props

- Instruction Booklet With Scan Code Access

Includes access to TWO (2) Web Apps that you can do amazing card magic with.

The Si-Tech Deck app uses a 100-year-old card principle and updates it with smart phone technology.

The Mental Touch app will make your spectators think you can read their minds!


You will learn...

  • Easy-to-do Pro-Level Card Tricks
  • Card Packet Tricks
  • Key Card Tricks & Methods
  • Card Forcing Tricks & Methods
  • Mental Card Magic Tricks & Methods
  • Marked Card Magic Tricks & Methods
  • Card Stacking Tricks & Methods
  • Hi-Tech Card Magic Tricks & Methods
  • Essential Card Sleights