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Kids love magic! But learning to perform it is even more fun.  In fact, we believe it's good for them!

Magic is a great learning tool that inspires students to practice, use logic, learn math principles, memorize patterns, make presentations and experience the success of entertaining. It is great for building virtues like self-esteem, confidence, patience and good communication skills.

All Trap Door Magic® products from BlackWire Marketing include step-by-step video tutorials - taught by our own in-house magician and former school administrator. Complete with all props and secret gimmicks.

Magic Kits

TrapDoorMagic® kits are our flagship products. Professionally assembled props with video tutorials... and great for all ages.

General Magic

Close-Up magic tricks from TrapDoorMagic® with balls, scarves, cups, paper, dice and miscellaneous props

Card Magic

Trick cards, decks and other magical wonders with playing cards. Trap Door Magic® proudly offers Bicycle® brand playing cards from the United States Playing Card Company (USPCC).

Magic Apps

Trap Door Magic® presents it's own proprietary high-tech magic using smartphone technology.  These web app tricks and utilities can be performed with any mobile device to create astonishing effects.

Mental Magic

Perform incredible mentalism tricks with these Trap Door Magic® effects.  Magic with the mind is some of the most amazing magic you can entertain with.

Coin and Money Magic

Magic with the coins and money is always fun to do and fun to watch.

Rope Magic

Tricks with ropes, string and knots represents some of the classic of magic. These are easy-to-do and amazing to see.


Magic wands, extra rope, close-up pads, trick cards and more...

Looking for Replacement Parts for your Amazing Treasure Chest of Magic?

Magic Tricks Under $5

Magic doesn't have to be expensive to be entertaining. Check out these Trap Door Magic® deals.

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